Tuesday 24th August 2010

Do you ever have one of those days when wherever you go there’s this girl who keeps coming and cuddling up to you? I won’t say it isn’t nice. Some aspects of it are lovely, but I keep finding her in my bed waiting for me to get in and it really is very disconcerting for a chap. She is lovely, but I’m just not used to it. Shadow doesn’t sit still long enough to cuddle up and we’ve never been quite like that. Ok, to be fair I do keep sitting on the blanket that my Mistress has put down especially close to her for Megan so I can see she might see that as an invite. But the pair of them have been repeatedly washing my ears out and it isn’t as though they were dirty in the first place. When Megan isn’t snuggling up she wants to play. Most of the time that is fine but yesterday she couldn’t find someone who wanted to play so she chewed the remote control set for the television. I’m not absolutely sure it was an accident. I think my Mistress has explained to her that the television can be a big cause of our not getting as much attention as we would like from certain members of the family and that while they are watching that they can’t be walking us or giving us their undivided attention. I think she was just ensuring that that eventuality didn’t happen. She may need to have a go at all the computers in the house to be absolutely certain.

My Mistress has a new phone. I may have mentioned it. Well it was funny yesterday. She was listening to music on it and she has set one of the tunes as her ring tone. When it rang and one song interrupted another one she was listening to, she just thought it had jumped to another track. It was only the third time it happened that she realised there might be someone trying to get in touch with her.