Monday 23rd August 2010

Megan is doing just fine. She was very sad to see her Swiss family leaving, but she has come to terms with it and says she is happy with where she is living and always knew she would be moving. She has her own email address now. I wanted to give her one on my account, but it turns out that I am only allowed one. So my Mistress has set her up with Obviously she is disappointed not to have her own web address but then that’s just how it is. I didn’t like to tell her but written down it looks like ‘meg and og’ instead of Megan Dog. I wondered whether to tell my Mistress that it might just be better as Mdog or Megan instead.

Our next visitor is arriving tomorrow, so we are making all our preparations. I just hope she can cope with all three of us. She is coming for a working holiday which will be nice, we can all sit in the office together during the day and relax in the evening. It will be useful to have her here as my Master has to go away for a couple of days and now that there are three of us, one pair of hands isn’t quite enough to do all the stroking that is needed. We have a quiet couple of weeks planned until Megan feels completely at home. To be fair, we have a quiet few weeks planned after that too! I was explaining to Megan about the fact that she will get to sleep in Andrew’s room when he stays here. She seemed to understand and said she will be very gentle with him, which he will appreciate as he finds Shadow a bit too bouncy at times.