Saturday 21st August 2010

Megan is amazing. Never will anything be lost in our house again. She has an amazing ability to find all sorts of things that had been lost. So far she has turned up a pair of socks and endless balls and ropes that Shadow and I thought had gone in the bin, it was so long since we’d seen them. You should watch her at work. She is the most supple dog I have ever met and seems to be able to almost fold herself flat in order to get under the settee. I’ve long since stopped fitting in places like that and it isn’t as though I’m fat. Anyway, she and Shadow seem to be playing quite nicely which takes the pressure off me and I just join in when I feel a little more energetic and intervene if they get too rough. We are still having one or two issues around meal times. It doesn’t help that Shadow had a day of having no food as she had an upset stomach, but she is intent on having Megan’s food as well as her own. Megan is like me, when push comes to growl she isn’t as assertive and soon backs off leaving Shadow to have her way. My Mistress is now giving Megan her food in the kitchen to stop that happening.

We are having lots of rides out in the car too as my Mistress doesn’t feel ready to leave Megan in the house when she has to go out. I’ve been asked to go along with them to take care of Megan when my Mistress has to do anything else. Shadow is a bit fed up that she isn’t being trusted with this important role but then she doesn’t actually like going in the car anyway and won’t sit still. She is one of the reasons that my Mistress is thinking of changing her car for one she can fit some dog crates in. I have already spoken to my Mistress about my concerns and have asked whether I can still sit on a seat next to her if it is available. It turns out she likes having me there as much as I like being there, so that’s ok.