Sunday 22nd August 2010

Today is the last day that our friends from Switzerland will be here. Megan is going to be very sad when she waves them off. I will do everything I can to cheer her up and make her feel better. She will be seeing them again, when she goes to Switzerland but in the meantime I promise to do my best to make her feel happy here. At least she can have a good romp with her Mum and the rest of us before they have to go. We are hoping to do a photo too – with all five of us lying down nicely together – that should be a laugh.

One thing that my Mistress is about to learn with fake tan is that whether the tan itself has gone off is of less importance than having your legs licked straight afterwards by a pack of dogs who are curious about the smell. When I say ‘pack’ it was only the girls, but I may have been guilty of applying a wet nose strategically in order to have a good sniff.  I can only describe the result as a little patchy. I think that when the nail varnish is applied we might be sent out of the bathroom until it is completely dry. Mind you, I managed to chip the last lot by standing on my Mistress’s foot with one of my claws, so she still won’t be safe. I’d just like to make clear that this is not revenge because we can’t go to the party. I didn’t want to dress up anyway, well not very much.

This gardening thing is getting serious. My Mistress is starting to discuss ‘planting schemes’ and actually planning what to put in so that we have all round colour. Of course it helps when she gets the names of the plants right and she is now trying to remember a plant name that simply won’t come back to her. We keep throwing out suggestions but it seems none of them are quite what she was thinking. She was thinking nasturtium, but as I have typed this it has come back to her – narcissus! Now we know.