Friday 20th August 2010

The fancy dress costume fits. It may just need taking in a nip and tuck here and there, but otherwise my Mistress thinks it’s perfect. I don’t think she should be allowed out in it without having at least me to chaperone her. Now she is just trying to work out whether the tube of fake tan that she bought some years ago, will still work. Can’t you tell that she doesn’t do things like this very often!

We have also had some good news on the willow weaving front. A friend in the village is sending for some willow so we are ordering some for us too. I might even get chance to have a go this time. I’m not absolutely sure how my Mistress proposes to soak the willow as I think someone might object if it is in the bath for three to four days, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I don’t know how this fits with willow weaving, cooking and gardening, but my Mistress has decided that her ‘mid-life crisis’ will begin a week on Sunday. She is working on the basis that after that she can no longer say she is in her early forties and the next looming milestone will be fifty. She also thinks it unlikely that she will live much past ninety and therefore if she doesn’t start soon then she will be too late. She is taking two poems as her inspiration, Nadine Stair’s ‘If I had my life to live over’ and Jenny Joseph’s ‘Warning’. The first one says she would fuss less about the stuff that doesn’t matter and ‘pick more daisies’ and the second says she would let her hair down more and ‘wear purple’. Now, on the basis that my Mistress already wears purple and picks daisies, I am wondering what else she is going to do. The Nadine Stair poem was used in a Harley Davidson advert. You don’t suppose she’s going to get a Harley do you? She’d need a sidebar for me if she did!