Thursday 19th August 2010

So much to tell you I just don’t know where to start. She is simply beautiful. We hit it of immediately. It has been much harder for Shadow starting to find her paws and I do feel quite sad for Megan as she keeps going to sit by the front door to see if her breeder is there to see her. It is good for her that they are here for a few days and that she hasn’t got to adapt completely overnight. I’m more than happy to cuddle up to her when she’s feeling a bit sad and lonely.

They all started yesterday with a lovely long walk. I was excused as I don’t really go in for long walks. (A combination of my heart and sheer laziness.) My Mistress was delighted that she had no problem walking the two of them at the same time, not like when she tries to take the two of us then! Anyway, by the time they came back they were all tired so I was able to get some peace and quiet. In the afternoon it was just my Mistress and us three dogs. Megan wasn’t quite sure what her place was yet and I suppose it wasn’t helped by Shadow sitting at the top of the stairs to the office watching whether she was coming. They will get it all sorted out between them soon.

As if having Megan wasn’t enough excitement for one day, my Mistress’s fancy dress outfit has arrived but I don’t think she has had chance to try that on and her new phone came too and she’s just itching to try that out.

The installation of the summerhouse has been delayed until we have the permission. It is very sad and my Mistress is very disappointed but it seemed like the safest thing to do. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get it all sorted.