Thursday 12th August 2010

The base to the summer house is going slowly. The lovely man is working very hard but having to cut through lots of tree roots to make the ground level. It is starting to look as though he is making progress and my Mistress is almost at a point where she is confident to order the summer house. This is so very exciting. The builder was surprised about how large it was but I proudly pointed out that the front bit was to be a big veranda that all us dogs could lie on in comfort. I think my Mistress has agreed to our having beds down there so that we don’t have to lie on the bare boards. I do like my home comforts. I am so excited. I think she might set it up as a complete escape so that she can disappear there and lock herself away, with us for company of course. I know she is planning to plant a lot of the rosemary and lavender seedlings round the edges so it will smell lovely but we might have a lot of bees to contend with which is not good news as far as Shadow is concerned as she chases bees.

We really need to get out into the garden because there is so much that needs doing. For a start we have the nest box to put up that we bought on holiday and the structure that we made in willow weaving needs a home and a plant growing up it. The first things we need to do is take a photograph of the beautiful gladioli in our front garden. They are purple and really look fantastic as they are coming into flower. I wonder if Megan is any good at gardening? We could all work on it together. I could carry the bucket. Shadow could do the digging and Megan could pick out all the weeds. We could be quite a team. I wonder if we could hire ourselves out to other people.