Friday 13th August 2010

I am so excited. I’ve got a secret and I’m not allowed to tell anyone but I’m absolutely bursting. It’s about the summer house but I know my Mistress will get cross with me if I tell you.

All round life is exciting. Our Swiss friends will be leaving Switzerland tomorrow to start the journey to bring Megan to England. We have got everything ready for her arrival. She has a beautiful bed with paw prints on and a collar with paw prints on and a lovely light blue (almost lilac) lead and a sack of food and the best bit is her bowl. It is gorgeous. I do hope she likes it. I chose it for her. I wanted it to be different to both mine and Shadow’s so that we didn’t get confused. Anyway that has got paw prints on it as well and they are so very cute. I do hope she likes it all. I can’t wait to show her round and tell her all about when he summer house will be arriving. (Except I’m not supposed to be mentioning that yet. It’s going to have window boxes outside each of the windows and my Mistress is going to grow lovely flowers in them so that it will look a bit like Switzerland for Megan.)

I promised I’d keep you updated on my Mistress’s writing progress. Well, this week she has sent two stories to different magazines and edited another one ready for sending. She is editing her book today and I’m helping with some of the sound effects. It’s a crime novel, so I’ve been practising my blood curdling howls.

They all went to see the film Toy Story 3 – without me I might add! Anyway, James said he thought it was boring, by my Mistress said it was brilliant and it made her cry. Andy didn’t say anything so I don’t know what he thought. I think whether you appreciate it depends on what sort of a relationship you had with your toys. You can tell by the cupboards of carefully wrapped and well cared for toys that my Mistress still has that they mattered to her. She still regrets giving away some of them. Her roll along dog called Bruno is the one she talks about most, but she’s got me now so I don’t think it’s quite so bad.