Wednesday 11th August 2010

There aren’t words to tell you how happy I am to be home. It is also very exciting indeed to see the base for the summerhouse going in and to inspect just how much the plants have grown in the last couple of weeks. We need to spend some serious time out in the garden getting them all planted and sorted out. I don’t think we can put them all in until the summer house is complete though. I think my Mistress is hoping to order that today, which is a very exciting step forward. The only problem with the men working outside is that Shadow and I can’t have free run I the garden too. Well we could but Shadow has a tendency to get in the way of working and I have already left my paw print in the last lot of concrete that was setting when we built the path.

My Mistress is hard at work on the plan she has to make huge inroads with her writing in the next year. She has even scheduled in helping me to get published and said that we may try something called self-publishing if we don’t achieve it any other way. I may yet get to see my name on the cover of a book. She is not sure she has the right skills for all the marketing that would be required and is thinking she might have to call on the skills of some of her friends to do that, but she is pretty good at getting things done so I am fairly optimistic.

Her first objectives centre around getting some short stories published and paid for and getting her two novels into print. I’ll let you know how she’s doing, as long as it’s good anyway. She did start looking at part-time jobs as an alternative but concluded that unless he could take me with her that wasn’t an option. I’d be good in an office environment but I’m not sure any employer would be happy for someone to turn up with three dogs in tow!