Tuesday 10th August 2010

Stretched out lazily under the desk tapping away on the laptop computer. This is what I’ve missed by being away. It’s good to be home. Home is where you know which cupboard the biscuits are in and where all the hairs on the bed are your own. Home is where you have to remember to wipe your paws on the mat and where meal times happen at the correct times (unless my Mistress forgets and I have to remind her). Home is where the postman brings you biscuits and knows your name, where you know which neighbours not to bark at and where your bowl is always in its usual place. Home is where you can run round the garden whenever you want and where you know there will be bird seed on the floor. At the end of the day, there is nowhere quite like home.

Shadow has been running round like a mad thing and generally tiring me out. She is her usual self with her tongue hanging out of her mouth in the sheer delight and ecstasy of the moment. What she’s going to think of Megan arriving I really don’t know. I on the other paw can’t wait and can’t believe it will be next week. I want to introduce her to the postman and take her to meet all my friends. I want to take her down to see my grandparents too. I think they are going to really love her. I’m looking forward to taking some pictures of her to show you all. My Mistress has asked if I’ll take one of her with Megan. It could be a bit tricky, my paw is a bit big for the shutter button and I usually need some help, but as it is my Mistress who usually helps me then I’m not sure what I’ll do.