Friday 6th August 2010

Why does it always rain when we take some holiday time together? I think it would be wise for the rest of the world to check their dates with our family and either go at a different time or certainly spend their time in a different place at least 500 miles away. We have learnt that tennis balls do not bounce when wet, but that they do shower the person hitting it with spray. This leads to a whole new game of not wanting to hit the ball when it has bounced on the ground so either hitting it while in mid air or leaving it altogether and then having to pick it up from the back of the court. My Mistress has managed to learn some more interesting things like that the holly bush has both male and female plants and that evening primrose is pollinated by moths. James had learnt that if you ride a bike in the rain you gat a very interesting mud splash pattern up the back of everything you are wearing and Andy has learnt that if you hang upside down after a meal you may get to see elements of your meal again. My Master has taken everything in his stride and concluded that if he wears shorts at all times then he has less clothes to get wet. What he has not learnt is how to shake the water off effectively and for that you need a dog!

My Mistress was wearing her t-shirt that says ‘Isn’t everyone wearing dog hair this season?’ and a lady stopped her to say that her daughter is having a jumper knitted out of the hair of her husky dog. Fortunately my Mistress is not now expecting me to take up knitting in order to knit her a jumper from my hair.