Saturday 7th August 2010

Oh it gets better. Now the family have spent a morning shooting each other with laser guns. Now my Mistress under normal circumstances would regard herself as something of a pacifist, however the enthusiasm with which she has taken to shooting the rest of the family has to be seen to be believed. She says she was working out her frustrations, but I can now see why it would be unsafe to leave her anywhere close to live ammunition. She has learnt a little from the tactics last year and has improved her ability to hide when being shot at. She came out looking muddy from lying down in a ditch, but she was smiling so it couldn’t’ have been all bad. I suggested it might have helped her to understand what we like about being knee deep in mud and she just grinned so I think she may have got the point.

She has also discovered downloading music off the internet. When I say ‘discovered’ I know it has been around a long while and millions of people already do it, but it isn’t something that my Mistress has felt the need to do until now. It all started when her friends were reminiscing about music they used to listen to twenty-five years ago. She got it into her head that she would like to listen to particular tracks now and couldn’t possible wait until she got home to her records at home. In her defence she doesn’t have the particular tracks on cd, only big black discs that are apparently called LP’s. She showed me one the other day and I was about to run my paw over it to feel the grooves but she explained that if I scratched it then it wouldn’t work anymore. What use is that? I scratch everything! Anyway, I can now see why people regard CDs as an advancement, although she does still insist on playing her records at home including some small ones called ‘45s’ and I have to say that some of the songs she has on those are really bad. I mean REALLY bad!