Thursday 5th August 2010

My Mistress is very happy. At last she has found someone to try willow weaving with her. The rest of the family had turned their noses up at something as tame and although I would have been happy to help, you had to be at least eight years old to take part. I said I could give my age in dog years but my Mistress didn’t think that we would get away with that. Anyway, Andy has now taken pity on her and is going to have a go on Saturday. I’m not sure exactly what they are going to make or whether the structure will even be recognisable, but I’m ready to smile sweetly and say it looks lovely. I’m a bit worried I might be expected to identify the item in question and will opt for basket on the basis I understand that to be the most common. If it’s anything else then I’m likely to be wrong.

Megan thinks I ought to make the most of getting some sleep before she arrives as she is worried I might find her too lively. She’s likely to run around like mad with Shadow and I’m just going to sit and watch. I’m rather hoping I shall be allowed exclusive access to my Mistress’s bedroom during the day when the others are elsewhere in the house, but if I’m really going to make this work, I need some device with which to open the door and make sure it is closed securely behind me. I did suggest we fitted a lock and I had a key to it, but that would just make it more complicated to open. I have also heard that Queenie has met with Leon in Switzerland and that she is hoping to have a litter of puppies in a couple of months. We might find that at last the numbers of Entlebuchers in this country really start to increase. It’s all very exciting.