Wednesday 4th August 2010

Why haven’t I got a bicycle of my own? If you can adapt a car to be operated by hand controls it must be possible to adapt a bicycle for a dog to use. At the very least we could have a tandem. I might need a slightly adapted seat and I think it would be better if my Mistress had to the front seat and did the steering, but it might be fun. I do like having the wind blowing back my ears.

I’m sorry that the university friends of my Master and Mistress that we have met up with haven’t brought their dog with them. My Mistress met her when she was a puppy and said that she was lovely. She’s a lurcher crossed with a boxer and has a wonderfully scruffy look. Now, I know I pride myself on my grooming, but they do say that opposites attract and my Mistress has always had a bit of a soft spot for scruffy dogs and has given her a good write up. Still maybe next time, or perhaps they could come to stay with us and bring her with them. A friend of my Mistress is coming to stay in September and wants to bring her dog with her. Under normal circumstances my Mistress would agree but with Megan arriving in a couple of weeks we want her to have plenty of time to settle in and get used to her new surroundings before everything gets confused by bring other dogs in the mix. It’s different with the dogs that are coming with Megan, she already knows them and one of them is her mother, but I don’t think it will be the right time to bring a complete stranger into the fray, not until we find out how well Shadow and Megan have coped with everything.

The rest of the family went to the Nation Space Centre the other day and now I want to go. My Mistress has been telling me about some of the exhibits and I want to try them out. Mind you, she also told me about the first dog in space and the fact that they only admitted eight years ago that poor old Laika died quite an unpleasant death from heat exhaustion only a few hours into the flight. She wasn’t very happy about it and to be honest it’s put me right off the thought of a career as an astronaut. Of course, having got away without doing a real job for the last four and half years I’m not really planning to do a full day’s work anytime soon.