Monday 2nd August 2010

School summer holidays are all very well, but they can be so noisy. I like a quiet life. I like snuggling up with my Mistress and a good book. Oh, I do like having someone on hand to throw my ball and chase round madly with, but then I like to put my paws up and have a bit of a rest and do some deep thinking. I find it hard to think very deeply when there is so much noise going on. If it isn’t the radio playing incomprehensible songs, it’s the television telling me things I didn’t need to know or a computer game apparently shooting everyone at random. I don’t much like the games with shooting. I find it distressing to have my naps disturbed by the sound of gunfire. Then of course there are the small people learning to play musical instruments who don’t understand that hearing the first few bars of a track of music played at volume and repeatedly, until they get stuck on a note or learn the next one, can be very distracting to a dog. My Mistress was laughing about when she tried to learn to play the miniature bagpipes and at the time granny was in hospital and after my Mistress had visited and tried to play them the nurse were quite worried about granny. I think the excitement was too much for her. I was trying to imagine my Mistress as a small girl, but to be honest it wasn’t easy. She’s always been an adult as far as I can tell, not that she always behaves like that, but that’s another story.

Alarmingly my Mistress has been busy putting together a plan of everything she wants to achieve over the next twelve months. It’s making me tired just watching her put the plan together. I certainly hope she isn’t expecting me to lift a paw towards achieving the objectives. I looked at the section on ‘dogs’ and was relieved to find the only actions were for Shadow or Megan and I don’t need to really push myself too hard.