Sunday 1st August 2010

Today involves a trip to the National Space Centre. Some of our party are very excited because they like that sort of thing. Some of our party are a little non-plussed and wonder why they are being made to do something educational when it’s supposed to be the school holidays. That’s the same part of our party that have objected to ‘A short history of nearly everything’ on the cd player in the car and don’t understand why we can’t just listen to the latest music. Now I’m sitting on the fence in this one. I can understand why it is exciting that Mars is going to appear very large in the sky during August and I do want to go out into the back garden with my Mistress and have a good look for myself. However, I do find it hard to imaging a time that is a fraction of a second before the big bang occurred and that fraction being a number with more zeros on the end than the combined number of my claws and my Mistress’s fingers and toes. I’ve also had difficulty in understanding why something so small as Mars usually looks can suddenly look so very big in the night sky all of a sudden. If it’s that close could I reach out my paw and touch it? I know that’s how the moon looks at some times.

Why is it that every so often computers seem to do their own thing? I’m using my Mistress’s notebook computer at the moment and I have to say the keys are a little small for my paws. The biggest problem that I have is with the mouse. It has this special feature which enlarges or shrinks what you are looking at and I keep doing it accidentally and finding I am trying to look at very small writing. Then I try to correct it and there is only a word or two on the page. Why can’t it just stay still and stop confusing me?