Tuesday 20th July 2010

A little while ago three Muscovy ducks were left on our village green. When I say left, I don’t mean they flew here as their wings have been clipped and they cannot fly. They were actually left here by someone at night when no one would notice. They were hungry and thin and not in very good shape. Anyway, as is the nature of our lovely little village, people around the pond fed them regularly and it wasn’t long before we had some very healthy looking ducks. Sadly two of them have now disappeared and we only have the one. It wasn’t that they went off somewhere together as they disappeared at different times. I’ve been wondering whether someone has developed a liking for the taste of duck and has added them to the cooking pot. My Mistress says we should be looking for someone who has recently purchased hoi sin sauce, but as there isn’t a shop in the village we can’t really work it out that way. I think we should set up a webcam on the pond to keep an eye on the remaining duck. It would be very sad if that one disappeared as well.

We seem to have approximately 196 seedlings that need homes. Some of them will be planted in our garden when they get a bit bigger, but there really isn’t room for some of the others and my Mistress doesn’t know what to do with them. She has wondered about setting up a stall outside the front gate to sell them, but it has been so windy recently that they would have just blown away.  Maybe she could try that approach later in the week if the weather improves. She has been concerned about losing all her little plant pots if she sells them or gives them away, but having seen a notice on the stall be brought raspberries and strawberries the other day asking for the containers to be returned, she thought she could try that approach.