Monday 12th July 2010

Yesterday didn’t turn out as expected. My Mistress was poorly so although she went out for some of the day she then came home and went to bed, meaning I could take up my role of prime carer by getting into bed next to her. Shadow wanted to know what she should do and ended up deciding the answer was to wash every exposed part of my Mistress that she could find. She was doing a very thorough job until I said I really wanted her all to myself and would Shadow mind going somewhere else. I don’t really do the washing other people thing but I do a great line in snuggling up and comforting. I also wriggle rather less than Shadow so it isn’t so annoying to have me nearby.

The algae in the barrels has got so bad that my Mistress is going to have to clean them out completely again. This time I think she is going to scrub them using some of the special anti-algae solution. What she can’t work out is what you do about the algae that is in the pipe that goes from the pump to the top barrel. She really needs some way of cleaning through the pipe but she’s struggling for ideas at the moment.

It will be my Master and Mistress’s fourth wedding anniversary this week. I find it easy to remember because they got me about six months before they got married and I’m 4 ½ now. I think they might be going for a meal but I don’ think they have anything else planned, if you exclude my Mistress having to have a blood test! Four years is supposed to be fruit or flowers apparently. They are going to plant four fruit trees in the garden, but it is the wrong time of year to plant them so that has to wait until the autumn. I am told they will have some sort of protection round them so that I don’t use them to pee up while they are young. As if the thought would even cross my mind!