Tuesday 13th July 2010

My Mistress is of a fairly happy disposition at the best of times, but you should have seen her yesterday. She was delighted to find it had rained over night and then when it actually started raining steadily though the day she was even more happy. I know the garden needs it. The grass was looking particularly sad. You can tell what a novelty it was, I didn’t even mind standing outside and getting wet. It was glorious. Anyway, when you add to that the fact that she has found someone to do the base to the summerhouse and the fact that her Orange and Cointreau marmalade is the perfect consistency and couldn’t be used instead of superglue, she was impossibly happy. She even went round singing and I can tell you that isn’t the best thing to be on the receiving end of. She was also excited that the village fun day had made about 50% more than last year and the fact that she has found another possible way to raise money for our beleaguered village hall and all in all she was having a very good day indeed.

James was also happy because he’s having contact lenses so all in all our house was a good place to be around. I like days like that. It makes it worth getting out of my basket in the morning. My Mistress is also trying to sort a date out for a fun day for us dogs again, which is always a good laugh. By then Megan will be able to come too, which will give us even more opportunities for mischief.

Today is looking fairly promising as my Mistress has promised to bake a cake for James to say thank you for all his hard work on Saturday. I love it when my Mistress cooks, because of her allergies she can’t like the bowl out as she can’t eat all the ingredients. However, I can!