Sunday 11th July 2010

Well the Fun Day was a success. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the weather stayed good all day. We had a last minute change of judge for the dog show but it all went well and Shadow proudly came home with a couple of certificates and a prize. My Mistress was worn out by the time she had finished. As much as anything it was the clearing away that finished her off. She said she was more than ready for a cool shower and a drink. I was just pleased to have her home as it had been very quiet without her. It is good to have the patio back to normal without a plate smashing stand sitting in the middle of it. I was disappointed that they didn’t let  me try the plate smashing, but I suppose there is next year and my Mistress has thoughtfully bough a coconut or two back with her. You will be pleased to know that there aren’t as many spare coconuts as last year and this year my Mistress does have a plan for the spares. She is going to turn them into fat balls for the birds. She has been saving the fat from all the joints over the last few weeks and will be adding some bird seed to it before setting them in the fridge. They will be ok in the winter but in this weather the fat all runs out of them onto the grass so they don’t really work. Still, I’m sure the birds will be grateful when the colder weather comes round.

Today my Mistress has a car meeting. She did ask if I wanted to go. I asked if they were going to a pub that I would be allowed in or whether I’d have to sit in the car. She didn’t know the answer. It turns out that my Master isn’t going for most of it so I decided that I would stay in with him.