Saturday 10th July 2010

If you are reading this rather than attending our village Fun Day whatever are you thinking of? You could be taking part in welly wanging or egg throwing or entering the dog show. Obviously you couldn’t personally be entering the dog show but you could be taking your beloved pet! Shadow has been asking which of her tricks I think is the best and what she should enter with. I yawned and rolled my eyes and left her to it. To be frank, she doesn’t really do tricks. It’s me that catches biscuits and any other form of food. She just stands there and waits for it to land at her feet, but that isn’t any kind of trick. I did suggest she’d probably still got time to learn a little routine dancing on her back legs and ending with a neat back flip with a double twist in the middle, but she just looked at me as though I was stupid. I’m just hoping that my Mistress gets through the day all right. She has quite a lot to do and is still recovering from her operation. She forgets she can’t work at full capacity until after the point she has done too much and is absolutely exhausted. She was shattered on Thursday and that was quiet compared with what she needs to do today.

I on the other paw am planning a lazy day, sitting in the library reading, with one eye on the window for when my Mistress comes home to see me. At that point I will jump out of the chair and be beside the front door waiting for her to come in. She’s great. If she can she always puts everything down and sits right down on the floor with me for a cuddle before she goes to do anything else. Whoever says you should ignore your dog when you first come in has no notice of them taken in this household. There is nothing more important than the bond between a dog and his mistress.