Friday 9th July 2010

The weather has been frankly miserable and my Mistress looked most out of place heading off to the physiotherapist in a pair of shorts yesterday. She wouldn’t have looked so bad if it hadn’t been for all the green, blue and black bruises that Shadow has left all over her legs. Still, her shorts were green so they blended in!

My Master has been dead-heading the roses. While he wasn’t around, my Mistress nipped out yesterday and live-headed one of hers. She now has a beautiful rose bloom sitting in a little vase on her desk. It’s called ‘Harry Wheatcroft’ and is pink and orange. It does look rather lovely, but I’ve been made to promise not to tell my master.

You may well have heard of Pavlov’s dogs’ syndrome. That was the scientist who got his dogs to respond to meringue with raspberries or strawberries or something similar. Well in our house it’s more ‘yoghurt pot syndrome’. I have become adept at hearing a yoghurt pot being scraped out at quite a long range and can be relied upon to go running to the kitchen or wherever else the noise is coming from. My reward is to be allowed to lick out the yoghurt pot. Shadow follows me. She isn’t bright enough to respond to the noise, but I share the winnings with her anyway.

My Mistress is still trying to kill the algae in the barrel water feature. She had a bright idea yesterday. She decided to try ‘soda crystals’ to do it. She hesitated at the thought of ‘Mr Muscle sink unblocker’! Anyway, what she has achieved is turning the water a funny grey colour, but I’m not sure that it has had any effect on the algae. She wondered whether she might as well put the rest of the packet in now, but I said she’d probably done enough damage already.