Thursday 8th July 2010

Today my Mistress is busy preparing for Fun Day on Saturday. She has printed out the dog show certificates and the entry forms. She has to go and collect the coconuts this afternoon and then needs to bake a cake. I almost wish I was going. She’s been checking the weather forecast too to see if it’s going to be a good day. In some ways it would be better if it wasn’t to sunny as if it is she will get burnt. Last year she had to wear her walking boots to cope with the mud so it could be worse.

As there has now been a referendum announced on changing the voting system, I asked if she would be going out campaigning. She says she doesn’t know yet. Whilst she wants to see the existing system changed and anything is better than it is, she doesn’t think that the system being proposed is the right one either. She wants a straight proportional system rather than one that ends up with distortions. No one ever really seems to listen to her anyway. Not until years later when she can say ‘I told you in the first place that wouldn’t work’, but they never seem to want to listen up front. She said when the Euro came in that she wanted to put money on at the bookies to say it would run into difficulties within ten years. Everyone thought she was crazy. To be fair she might actually be a little bit crazy but she is also sometimes right as well.

It’s getting very exciting for the Entlebuchers in this country. Not only is Megan arriving next month, but Queenie, who lives in Norwich, is going over to Switzerland for her holidays to be mated with a Swiss dog. We are all hoping that she will be having a litter of puppies in October. It will be lovely seeing our numbers increasing and I always like having puppies around.