Monday 5th July 2010

Would someone write to me to say something other than ‘Dear Alfie, your worming is due…’? I don’t like those sorts of letters. Oh, it’s useful to have the reminder. It does save me having to remember, but I’d like to get other post as well. I don’t want bills. I have no desire for those to be put into my name, although it would be fun to see if we could succeed in them addressing say the electricity bill to me. We had a bit of a discussion yesterday morning along similar lines. My Master was asking how much it cost to go to a stud dog. My Mistress said what a shame it was that I couldn’t be used in that capacity, although after my little accidents in the last couple of weeks I’m not sure it would be such a good idea. However, back to the point I was making. My Mistress said ‘Alfie could have made quite a lot of money.’ My Master asked how since there were so few girl Entlebuchers in this country. She pointed out that I could have earnt money from Queenie and Shadow. My Master couldn’t see how I would have earnt money from Shadow. He said that it would just have meant we didn’t have to pay. “Now hold on a minute.” I said. “Who would have been providing the services? And if it’s me doing it, then the money should be transferred into my bank account.” How else is a dog to save for his retirement? Unfortunately it is all a moot point since I can’t actually provide the requisite service in the first place.

Following a trip to a garden centre (they really should be banned in our house) we have yet more seeds to plant. It’s probably a good thing seeing as my Master ran over some of my Mistress’s seedlings with the lawn mower. It’s all very sad really. She is trying to grow a bunch of freesias to give to my granny as they are her favourite flower. There were 20 seeds in the pack. 12 of them germinated and now two of those have been run over with the lawn mower so we are down to 10. I’m just hoping they grow well.