Sunday 4th July 2010

Once again, a happy ‘Independence Day’ to you all. Not, of course that it is a celebration here in England but perhaps it should be. I’m not sure exactly what we should be celebrating independence from. It’s been a long time since we weren’t independent. Maybe it’s independence from the Norman Invasion, but that was a very long time ago. Maybe it should just be a day to celebrate being independent spirited and be about personal independence. I think my Mistress might appreciate that.

There are a number of things my Mistress might appreciate. One of them is an odd job man who actually arrives to prepare the base for the summerhouse. The very nice gentleman who was supposed to be coming this week still had a bad shoulder and has decided not to do it at all. That is two we have frightened off so far. It can’t be that bad a job and there were a number of other things we wanted doing as well. If you know a good, reliable, handyman who is ready and willing to prepare a base for a summerhouse on ground that slopes about a foot from front to back, perhaps you’d let me know. I would love to see my Mistress’s happy little face when the summerhouse is installed and ready to use. She is at the moment trying to work out whether she thinks she could do it herself. I could give her the short answer to that, but I guess I will have to let her arrive at that conclusion for herself.

Perhaps she could use her Friday’s lottery winnings to pay for it. She won the grand total of £7.50, so I’m guessing she may have to add a little bit to it to make it viable.