Tuesday 6th July 2010

Oh the temptation is almost too much. The plate smashing stall for the Fun Day is in our back garden waiting to go down to the village green. I could so easily take the plates out of the cupboard and load it up, then throw a few balls to see how I got on. It wouldn’t matter to me. I don’t use plates, although wow betide anyone who got it into their head to smash my beloved bowl. I suppose I really should show the same degree of consideration to the things the rest of the family use, but it is so very tempting.

My Mistress is thinking of going on a little shopping trip in preparation for Megan’s arrival. She keeps asking me if I can think of other things she needs to buy. It’s a tough call. I could play nice doggie and agree to share my things, but then I keep thinking it would be nicer for Megan to have her own things anyway. We can share the blanket on the foot of the bed, but she will need her own bed and come to that a bowl. I’ve asked if I can go with her to the pet supermarket to pick everything out. My Mistress is thinking about it.

Tesco have found a new way to reduce their customers’ alcohol intake. When they sent a bottle of Cointreau with the shopping yesterday they had left the security tag attached to the bottle so that my Mistress couldn’t open it. She had to send it back with the driver as the only way to open it would have been to smash the neck of the bottle and that wouldn’t have been a very safe thing to do. The driver was surprised they’d managed to do it as it would have set the warehouse alarm off when they brought it out. So much for security systems.