Saturday 3rd July 2010

My Mistress is very proud of the herb garden that she has started to fill with plants. She now needs to grow some different ones to fill in the gaps. She also needs to learn about harvesting, storing and using them. At the moment her repertoire is limited to a few fairly routine things, although the chicken in lemon and rosemary was delicious. She has an urge to make some mint sweets and needs to see if she can find a recipe. It’s either that or work from guess work and I have to say that from my experience of her cooking that is not always successful. She needs to make a cake for the cake stall at the Fun Day next Saturday and I’m rather hoping, for the sake of whoever buys it, that she doesn’t do that by guesswork!

I was hoping for a morning in bed today. I had reckoned without Shadow sleeping in our room and bouncing on us all quite early and then my Mistress needing to get up for the man who is coming to sort out the chimney. I know that didn’t need me to get up as well, but a lie in just isn’t the same without my Mistress around. She’d forgotten that she had arranged the chimney man and had wondered about going to the Steam Day at Helmsley. She had even got as far as my Master thinking it was a good idea. She still doesn’t feel up to being out for the whole day but they could have gone for an hour. Anyway, she remembered that the nice man was coming to stop the smoke coming into the lounge. Not that we’re having many fires just at the moment. None of the family feels the cold to that extent!