Friday 2nd July 2010

I wonder if Megan is excited today. She’s got a family wedding on and we’d just like to wish the couple every happiness and success for their married life from their Entlebucher family in England.

There is nothing nearly as exciting as that happening here at the moment, if you discount the arrival of the carnivorous plants! So far my Mistress has managed to uproot one of them simply trying to get it out of all its packaging. She was then a little worried about touching it in case it started to eat her. She has put one that likes shade in the kitchen, next to the caddy for bits for the compost and the other in the children’s room. I had to ask. Did she put it there because they don’t really like flies and would find the whole plant eating animal thing fascinating or is she going to threaten the children that if they don’t behave the plant will eat them? I said if she really wanted to get the latter message across she should combine the description with making them watch ‘The Day of the triffids’. Given that things like that can make them have nightmares she thought it might be best to simply stick to the fact that they will find the tiny little killer plant on the window sill fascinating. One them demands rainwater to drink. I’m not sure what happens if we don’t feed its demands but I’m hoping that it might rain soon so we don’t have to find out.

The algae in the barrels has improved. At least on a temporary basis. Yesterday they were running slowly so my Mistress turned the pump off and cleaned it out again and when it restarted there was an unpleasant gurgle and then a long thick string of algae came shooting out of the pipe. It wasn’t a pretty sight but at least it means the water is flowing more freely. I thought you’d be pleased about that one.