Thursday 1st July 2010

I can now say that Megan will arrive next month. How exciting is that? We have waited so long for this. I’m not sure Shadow is as excited as I am, but then she’s a much more jealous sort of dog. I think she’ll be all right about it when it happens.

We’ve got our village fun day this month. There’s going to be a dog show as part of it. Only a fun one, but a dog show none the less. I asked if I would be taking part, but it turns out that as my Mistress is running the coconut shy I may not be able to. I think Shadow will be going though. I hope she does well. I don’t think they are having a game of catch the biscuit. That’s one I’ve now got down to a fine art. We make a good pair, my Master and me. I can catch any biscuit that is thrown my way and he won the egg throwing (and catching) competition last year. I wonder if he will be defending his title.

I am delighted to say that all seedlings have now been planted into pots. It’s all very well but there seem to be several hundred of them and I really don’t know what my Mistress is planning to do with them. Oh, I know where about half a dozen are going. It’s the other 245 that are a mystery to me. We could turn the garden into one big flower bed and still have some left over. Anyone want a marigold? She did think that some of them could go on the plant stall at the Fun Day when she began. Except there isn’t going to be a plant stall this year! She also wondered about setting up her own plant stall by the front gate but you don’t get that many people going down our road. It’s not exactly on the beaten track.