Tuesday 29th June 2010

I was so caught up in my own traumas yesterday that I forgot to pass any comment on the World Cup. We watched the first seventy minutes of the England game. Frankly my Mistress was too depressed at that stage to watch any more of it. The England goal that wasn’t allowed was really the last straw as far as she was concerned. It wasn’t that she thought we had been unfairly treated, of course she did think that, it was that overall we were playing so badly. We seemed to be totally incapable of defending the goal. She even went as far as saying she thought she could do a better job and I’ve seen how unfit she is! And so it is time for the flags to be removed from the windows of the car, much to my Master’s relief who was very disparaging about my Mistress having put them on in the first place and then had to suffer the ignominy of borrowing her car because his had a flat tyre. That made my Mistress smile. Anyway, the flags will now be removed and tucked away with her other flags and hat awaiting some other worthwhile event that we will inevitably lose.

In the meantime we are all left to lick our wounds and call for the resignation of the manager. I always had a bit of a soft spot for Sven. Perhaps he would like the job back. He also had a great way of pronouncing the name Wayne Rooney that I rather miss, although frankly if he plays like that I can’t see Mr Rooney appearing many more times for the team.

We are past the cooking phase and into the eating phase of the home baking. I can now confirm that the orange and whisky marmalade is very sticky indeed and has a slightly treacly taste. I’m not complaining. I do rather like it, but we won’t need to buy any Superglue for a very long time.