Monday 28th June 2010

There was a little bit of an incident after what I’d written for yesterday. I tried just a little bit too hard to mount Shadow and I got my bits in a bit of a pickle. Our very nice vet thinks I’d got some of the hairs on crucial parts caught where they shouldn’t be and it was that which was causing the pain. I couldn’t even put four paws on the floor at the same time. I won’t go into all the details else my blog would get blocked as being pornographic but I will say that it left me completely traumatised and not in any hurry to repeat the experience. After that I wouldn’t leave my Mistress’s side. Where she went, I went – even when she went to the bathroom. I think I was terrified that Shadow would come looking for me again and that my male urges would take over. I am now fully supportive of my Mistress’s suggestion of a policy of segregation at crucial times. I am quite happy to be segregated anywhere as long as I can have my Mistress for company. I will even volunteer to be the one getting in the crate if it protests me from a repeat of the indignity and pain of this weekend.

It rather delayed the jam making. Although you’ll be pleased to know that the process was completed yesterday, together with the candied peel. The first of the two batches of marmalade was slow to reach setting point, but by the time it did I think it could be used in lieu of superglue to hold any two surfaces together. One batch is made with whisky and the other with Cointreau and I have to say they both tasted pretty good to me. I don’t suppose I will get to eat all that much of it, but I was a willing volunteer to try everything in the cooking process.