Wednesday 30th June 2010

As the month of June draws to a close life begins to return to normal. Once again it is the exciting things that are back on the agenda, like the car needing two new tyres before it goes for its first ever MOT. My Mistress is at last contemplating building the wood store and putting up the blinds in the little room at the front of the house. She is only contemplating these things. It could still be several weeks before they actually take place, but I’m glad she has started to consider being able to do them. I’m just hoping she doesn’t start thinking that I could give her a hand.

We have been having a discussion about the wonders of rubbing E45 cream into scars so that they fade more rapidly. My Mistress asked whether I would like some rubbed into my scar on a daily basis as well as her own. The only problem with mine is that it is quite a hairy patch and could be a bit of a mess. I don’t really fancy sitting and licking all the surplus cream off as I don’t suppose it will taste very nice. I said she could try it the once and we’d see how it went. I do quite fancy the extra bonus of having my tummy rubbed.

Shadow is thankfully past her season and I can now settle down without being overcome by urges that are just too much to take. She doesn’t need her pants on round the house either so the back door can be left open for us to come and go as we please. All in all, life feels pretty good. If all goes according to plan the base for the summerhouse will be laid shortly. Third time lucky is what we are hoping for.