Friday 18th June 2010

There’s always something. You will be pleased to know that my Mistress is now improving from her throat infection and so she can focus on healing from her operation. I on the other paw have a fluid build up under where I had my lump removed. We went to the vet yesterday and our lovely vet said I will be quite all right. She could remove the fluid but very often when you do that it comes back even worse. The best thing to do is just to wait for it to go down on its own. It just might mean that I don’t have my stitches out quite so soon. Then just to finish things off, Shadow started her season. She is now sporting a very fetching pair of dog pants and charging round like a mad thing trying to remove them. I almost feel sorry for her as she is going to be confined to sleeping in her crate, since last time she chewed through her pants in the night and my Mistress had to buy some more. I suppose if she didn’t do these things in the first place it wouldn’t be a problem.

My Mistress drove me to the vet yesterday but concluded she wasn’t really safe to drive yet. It’s a good job there isn’t much traffic on the roads around here and she was able to guess whether or not she could pull out. I may be exaggerating ever so slightly, at least I hope it was more than a guess seeing as I was her passenger. It meant when she had to go to the hospital later, to have her own stitches looked at, she had to get a lift. Just to round the ay off nicely, they didn’t take her skin clips out as she has an infection in the wound as well as a throat infection. Instead they gave her stronger antibiotics and want to see her again on Tuesday. They did say if she gets any worse she is to go back in, but I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen and if it does I want to go with her to make sure there is someone close by to take care of her.