Saturday 19th June 2010

My Mistress is still poorly and wanting things as quiet as possible. Shadow and I are undertaking our bedside vigil duties to perfection. I curl up on one side of My Mistress and Shadow curls up the other side and we lie there quietly until she says she wants something. Mainly she wants a fresh hot drink and some more tablets. Shadow is actually being fairly quiet and subdued but I think that is the effect of being in season. I think she is finding that all a bit difficult. We are hoping that my Mistress might be up to doing a little gardening with us later as that will cheer her up and there are some seedlings which are ready to be put into pots.

A man came yesterday to finish the last bits of the kitchen. However, they had mad the unit the wrong size and with messing up the paintwork to remove the old damaged splashback he left things in a worse state than when he arrived. With not feeling well, my Mistress didn’t really want the bother. On the positive front she did order the coconuts for the village fun day, so the coconut shy should be in business once again. This year she wasn’t quite so ambitious and ordered fifty rather than eighty. It will mean she doesn’t have quite so many to try to sell at the end this time – although she has thought about turning a few of them into fat balls for the birds if they are left. Maybe she could set up a stall selling them. She has thought about setting up a stall outside the house selling all sorts of odds and ends. Her latest idea is to start jam making. She has even bought a special saucepan that is designed for the purpose.