Wednesday 16th June 2010

I still can’t tell you how my Mistress is as still they haven’t called. We are going home this morning so I shall see for myself. I know she was worried about the scar she would have, but I’m sure it won’t be too bad. At least with mine the hair will grow back around it and it won’t be noticeable. I guess given it’s my Mistress’s neck she has to hope that it would end up covered in hair as that wouldn’t look very ladylike!

I’m looking forward to catching up with the World Cup and finding out which of my Master or Mistress is in the lead on points in the competition they have entered. My Master says that my Mistress’s success is based on luck and she doesn’t really know anything about it. If she beats him twice running do you think he’ll still be able to hold to that argument?

Shadow is anxious to know whether her bag of dog food eventually turned up from Pets at Home. It will also be exciting to see how the seedlings are doing and whether they were looked after in my Mistress’s absence. She says they would have been all right for just the one night, but it depends whether she was well enough to tend to them when she got back. Best of all I’m looking forward to helping her to eat the sorbet she made before she went into hospital. She said it would be nice and gentle to eat and I couldn’t agree more! She was just hoping that the rest of the family didn’t find it while she was away. She’d have been heart broken to find it was all gone and there was none for her.