Tuesday 15th June 2010

Oh, I’m only her favourite dog and no one bothers to ring me to let me know how she is doing. I sat by my kennel door last night, fully expecting someone to pick me up and take me into York for visiting times, but nobody came.  I do hope someone went to see her and they haven’t just left her all on her own. I know she would have appreciated my snuggling up and going to sleep with her. We’re actually rather good at it and the nurses could have brushed the dog hair off the sheets afterwards. Instead of which, I’ve spent a sleepless night, pacing up and down the kennel worrying about her. Not that Shadow has been much help. She just said if I was awake anyway then perhaps we could play tug. As if I could concentrate on a game of tug at a time like this. At least we should be going home tomorrow morning so I can get back for looking after her. We make a good pair between us. Perhaps we could go together to have our stitches out, although I don’t think my Mistress has hers done at the vet.

I want to get back to make sure that all the seedlings we are growing are ok. I don’t suppose anyone else in the family will even have thought to look at them. Although more worrying would be if they had looked and had overwatered them. I wonder if my Mistress has remembered to leave instructions on what not to do. I should probably worry about the rest of the family too. The pub isn’t open on a Monday night. I wonder if they had anything to eat. That is one of the benefits of being in the kennels, at least we got our tea as normal.