Monday 14th June 2010

Well I’m worrying about my Mistress. She is in hospital having her operation today. She wasn’t looking forward to it and wasn’t looking forward to having a scar on her neck either. I want to be there holding her hand with my paw and snuggling up to calm her down. Shadow is as ever taking it in her stride, but then I don’t think she really understands. The only operation she has had was to remove her dew claw and that could have been done under a local anaesthetic if she didn’t wriggle so much. I suppose we should be grateful that at least one member of the family is healthy. I’ve been sitting staring out of the window in between the pacing, sending her all my love. We’re pretty much inseparable except for times like these and then it’s hard to be parted from her. My Master thinks she spoils me and he’s probably right, but I do repay the attention as best I can.

She has made lots of sorbet for when she comes out of hospital. The blackberry as I have told you is very nice. She has also made lemon and lime, which I am reserving judgment on. It might have been more promising if she had completely followed the recipe but she said they are just for general guidance and when you know what you are doing you can adapt them. The problem is that I don’t know whether she knows what she is doing! The recipe was just lemon, and only used the zest from one lemon. She has mixed the lemons with limes and used the zest of four fruits. She says it will be a bit more tangy, but my fear is that it is a lot more tangy and inedible. We shall see.