Thursday 3rd June 2010

My Mistress has fallen out with Tesco’s wine delivery. They were supposed to deliver between 7am and 7pm on Tuesday. My Master and Mistress were careful to make sure one or other of them was in all day, even though that was very inconvenient given the other things going on. It even meant James waiting for half an hour in the rain to be collected by my Master because I had to go to the vet. Anyway, 7pm came but Tesco’s didn’t. My Mistress rang their helpline and was told that it was a three minute wait. She waited for fifteen minutes wanting to throttle the woman who kept telling her she was moving forwards in the queue, but still no one answered the call. At 8pm the helpline was engaged. At 8.30 the message said that waiting times were twenty minutes so once again my Mistress hung up. At 8.50 after waiting five minutes a real human told her that deliveries were overrunning and the wine would arrive within twenty minutes. When it still hadn’t arrived at 10pm my Mistress rang again and was told if she’d like to wait in it would be delivered on Wednesday. She explained that in actual fact she wouldn’t like to wait in and she was a little fed up with them. I suggested a solution to the problem would be to stop drinking wine. She suggested that the solution to the problem was to buy it from somewhere else. Ah well, my approach was fool proof.

The last batch of sorbet went down so well that a new batch is being made. This time it is blackberry. I got a bit of a liking for the blueberry and orange, although I was only allowed a little on the end of my Mistress’s finger. I’m hoping for a slightly larger portion of the blackberry!