Wednesday 2nd June 2010

Well you’ll be pleased to know that it is just a fatty lump that I have on my chest. Apparently they can grow quite big so because I am as the vet said ‘a young dog’ (I liked that bit) she is going to remove it so that it doesn’t get any bigger. It will also give her the chance to make absolutely certain that it isn’t anything more. So I have breathed a sigh of relief and my Mistress has booked me in for Wednesday next week. She wants me fully recovered and back on my paws before she goes in for her operation. That way she can look after me and when she comes out, I can look after her. This will be the second operation I have had and remembering the first one it will be my Mistress who is in a state next week rather than me. Although I do confess I was shaking at the vets today, but it was only because I wanted a bit of sympathy and attention.

The problem of the smoke from the fire coming into the lounge can be sorted by fitting a special cowl to the chimney. I get the feeling that the chimney cowl is going to be an ingoing saga. Firstly the builder fell off the roof, then it was ages before they tried again and now it needs changing. At least it will be ready for next winter. My Mistress seems to have got it into her head that she wants to build a brick bar b q next and I’m guessing that will be ready by the winter as well. She says she has done it before and that one of her DIY books tells you what to do. I’m going to watch this project develop with interest.