Friday 4th June 2010

The good news was that eventually the wine arrived from Tesco’s and my Mistress is definitely going to need it as the plans for the summerhouse are not going according to her intentions. She booked a handyman to come and build the base for her. That was a few weeks ago, but he hurt his back and had to cancel his visit. So she rang round and found another handyman and booked for him to come to start on it yesterday. He rang to say he had hurt his shoulder. We are now waiting to find whether he will be fit enough soon to be able to do it, or whether we need to find handyman number three. My Mistress is starting to think there may be a plot to stop her having a summerhouse, which would be very sad as she’s so much looking forward to it. She had wondered about doing it herself, but she doesn’t know where to start and in my experience if you don’t know where to start you are unlikely to end up where you intended to be.

I’ve had an email that says Megan has taken up jogging. She’s going to be a bit disappointed if she thinks my Mistress will go with her. My Mistress and running don’t mix awfully well for a number of reasons. I’m happy to sit at the window and watch them go, but I doubt very much if Megan will even get my Mistress out of the front door.

You will be pleased to hear that the sorbet set properly this time. It had something to do with my Mistress finally working out how to put the lid on properly and get it to stay in place. I have to say I shall be asking for another batch of this flavour to be made. It’s definitely better than the blueberry, although I did like that one too.