Tuesday 1st June 2010

I’m a little bit worried. When my Mistress was snuggling me earlier she found a small lump on my chest. She will be ringing the vet for an appointment for me as soon as she gets back from he own hospital appointment. She did her best to gently reassure me that it was probably nothing, but you know how it is when you find something like that. You start thinking about all the worst possibilities and then you start thinking about all the things you still want to do with your life and before you knot it you have completely convinced yourself that you have some dreadful terminal disease. Anyway, we’ll be off to see our lovely vet as soon as it can be arranged and I’m sure she will know exactly what to do.

We now have little propagation trays all over the house. Some of them should germinate in 10-14 days and some may take as long as 4 months. If my Mistress thinks I’m going to maintain interest in watching for progress until September then she can think again. The gestation of a puppy isn’t as long as that! She is excited to see that of the gladioli she planted on the front most of the bulbs are now coming through, with the possible exception of the one she inadvertently put the how through. I don’t think that one is going to be growing anytime soon. She’s rather pleased about the progress as her parents are coming to visit soon and it will be the first time they have seen the new house. This is also the week that the summerhouse base is being installed so I’m hoping that the summerhouse will be close behind.

I don’t know if I told you but when it was cold the other day, my Mistress got it into her head to try the fireplace in the lounge for the first time. It all turned into a bit of a disaster with the smoke coming into the room rather than up the chimney. She had done the things she was supposed to. There was ventilation and the chimney was swept not long ago. In the end she had to try to separate the fire and open all the windows to get rid of the smoke. Given she had lit the fire because it was cold it was even colder still and rather smoky. She now has to ring the fireplace company to find out what to do next.