Friday 28th May 2010

My Mistress has been on an energy saving initiative. Not her energy, although obviously she wastes as little of that as possible. She has been trying to reduce the household’s electricity consumption. She is leading by example, turning off lights or in many cases not putting them on in the first place. This is as you will no doubt agree a laudable initiative. However, I think she may be going too far. This morning she got a mug out of the cupboard and put it on the side and proceeded to put a spoon of honey into the mug. Or at least she should have been putting it into the mug, but she had put the mug upside down on the work surface and hadn’t realised as it was too dark to see in that end of the kitchen. So she proceeded to pour honey on the base of the upturned mug. I said she should look in the bright side. She could have poured scalding hot coffee onto it.

My Master had to travel to Belgium yesterday at short notice. He found out at around 11am that he was leaving at around 14.40. He arranged for his tickets to be emailed to my Mistress so that they would be ready for him when he picked up his suitcase. It would have worked beautifully if they had booked the flights in the right name. We managed to get most of it sorted but he was still waiting for the car hire confirmation to come through when he had to leave. I wonder if his suitcase will go with him this time or whether it will have another holiday all on its own.

My Master and Mistress are getting ready for the World Cup. Once again they have made predictions for all the games and once again there is money at stake on the outcome. My Master is trying to misrepresent the truth and say he won last time, but I was a witness and I will vouch for my Mistress having got more correct results than he did. The question is, can she repeat her success?