Thursday 27th May 2010

At last it’s here. Today is polling day in our constituency for the general election. I know everyone has made the decision without us but today is our opportunity to pretend that we can make any sort of difference to the result. I asked if I could go with my Mistress to vote but she wasn’t sure that I would be allowed in unless I was an assistance dog. I said that was the whole point, I wanted to assist her in making the right choice as to who to vote for. Unfortunately I have been left at home.

In an alarming turn of events yesterday my Mistress has optimistically planted a tray of Echinacea seeds. The packet says there are 75 seeds. So by the usual attrition rate I’m reckoning that approximately seven will germinate. Of those, three will be killed in the transplantation process. Two will then die of overwatering and the remaining two will be eaten by Shadow. However, my Mistress remains optimistic. The packet says they are easy to grow. Then again the packet says a lot of things that I don’t believe. I think my Mistress has followed the instructions correctly, although to be honest we were discouraged from getting in the way while she was doing the key tasks. They are now sitting in a little propagator on the kitchen window sill out of harm’s (Shadow’s) way. This is all part of my Mistress’s new attempt to grow her own medicine. I said I could think of one or two drugs that would grow very nicely in the porch but she said I was misinterpreting what she was trying to achieve. It was just a thought!

In addition to the Echinacea she bought four other packets of seeds. However she only bought one propagator so unless he buys some more she is going to have to wait at least 14-21 days to plant the next batch of seeds. I’m guessing the ones that say sow from Feb-May may have to wait until next year.