Saturday 29th May 2010

We now have a patio greenhouse. So far it is home to a large pile of empty plant pots. I’m not sure if my Mistress is under the mistaken impression that if she leaves pots in there they will grow all on their own, but as far as I understood it you need to put seeds, soil and water in them. I won’t say anything just yet. She may have understood the basic premise.

We need to refill our oil tank. My Master is firmly of the opinion that due to time of year the price per litre of oil should be falling with there being lower demand. My Mistress is firmly of the opinion that although he may be right, she doesn’t want to wash in cold water so there is a limit to how long she wants to wait to refill the tank. Of course if the sun could be relied upon to make the solar panel work it wouldn’t be such an issue – but this is England! I can support her going green by getting a compost bin and I think it’s great that she is trying to turn more of the electrics off around the house, but if she really thinks there is enough sunshine in England to get her water heated by solar panel then she’s even more of an optimist than I had thought. Not so much of an optimist as to not be sitting in her winter fleecy boots because her little feet are cold, but you can’t have everything.

She started looking at some cheaper summerhouses yesterday. These would involve her and another person doing the assembly. “Person” I pointed out to her. Not “Dog”! Even then I am guessing it would end up rather lopsided and with the panels not meeting properly. I gently suggested she really would be better letting the professionals do it and sadly she agreed. She is thinking she might give it a coat of paint inside though, which might be quite nice.