Wednesday 26th May 2010

It was a bad news day yesterday. I had an email telling me both my Mum and sister have been ill. It made me feel very far away from Belgium and I really just wanted to go to visit. I’m not really sure my sister would have wanted to see me as she doesn’t like me very much but that isn’t the point and I know how much my mum would have liked it. My mother has a diabetes type problem and is having to have insulin injections every day. She isn’t completely better yet but apparently she is improving. My sister had a tumour on her ovary, so she had to have them removed. I felt very sad for her as I know she made a good mum and had looked forward to having more puppies. I could have consoled her on that front, seeing as I can’t have any puppies of my own. Quite apart from worrying about them both, it also means we won’t be having one of my nieces to come and live with us as there won’t be any more. I don’t think either of my other two sisters have considered having puppies and I’m not in touch with them anyway. Maybe I should look them up on the internet and drop them a line. It’s times like this you think about your family and wish you could all get together.

Then on top of all that my Mistress got her hospital date for having her thyroid gland removed and so now I’m worrying about her as well. It meant I didn’t have much appetite to care what was in the Queen’s speech although I did spot that they are thinking of selling off part of the Post Office and I don’t think that’s a good idea. I shall have to discuss it with Brian our postman when we next have one of our little chats.