Thursday 20th May 2010

I’m not sure if I told you that when we have the Village Fun Day in the summer there are going to be some dog classes for us all to take part in. My Mistress is going to be busy with the coconut shy again so I’m not absolutely certain whether I will be able to take part or if I shall be too busy helping, but at least Shadow will be able to enter. She and James have got their hearts set on running the candy floss machine, but I’m not altogether sure that she should be allowed to help. She might have a tendency to eat more than she sells.

My Master needs to renew his passport. As he travels for work, he can’t afford to send it away so will need an appointment. You would think in this day and age that you should just be able to download the form off the internet and you can, but it isn’t as straightforward as it seems. You download it, fill it in and then the Passport office prints it for you, sends it out by post for you to sign and return. Why can’t you print it yourself and save the cost and time of postage? It seems that the best option is still to obtain one from your local Post Office, presuming you have a local Post Office.

My Mistress gave in to my summerhouse reasoning yesterday and rang a man who can come to install the base for her. He was very nice and has a spare slot next week. I just need her to order the summerhouse now and get it in place before my grandparents come to stay, so that we can all sit out on the verandah and watch the world go by. Shadow and I are going to have our own blankets down there so that we can lie out in comfort and my Mistress is going to have a deck chair that she’s got in the garage. The fun bit is going to be retrieving the carpet from the loft that she is planning to put into the summerhouse itself. It’s quite a big bit of carpet and it might be at the bottom of the pile!