Friday 21st May 2010

After my Mistress’s abortive attempt to give up drinking coffee, it turned out that was the only thing keeping her awake. I asked if I could try some as it sounded good and she said only as long as I made absolutely sure that Shadow didn’t get a single drop. Shadow has already eaten the rosemary plant out of my Mistress’s new herb garden and has begun branch by branch to dismantle a large shrub. I always thought it was beavers that were known for gnawing through wood, but they have nothing on Shadow. Fortunately she does not then use the wood to build a dam. She is more likely to be found on the lawn eating it. Meanwhile Megan has tried the very dangerous art of electric cable chewing. Thank goodness she is ok, but I really must sit down with her and explain why that is a particularly bad idea. It looks as though I’m going to have my paws full looking after all these girls.

My Mistress has received her pre-op assessment form for the hospital. She’s never seen such a long form. From my point of view, it probably means it’s time to start worrying as her operation won’t be far behind it. I know she tells me she will only be in hospital over one night and will be fine, but it doesn’t stop me worrying. I’d be much happier if they would let me go in with her and have my bed at her side, but it seems there are all sorts of rules preventing that sort of thing. I did say I was willing to pretend to be a guide dog, but she said she thought that the medical staff of all people might spot that she could see.