Wednesday 19th May 2010

It was a hard day yesterday, alternating between basking in the sunshine and barking at the world. It was the sort of day that really made my Mistress think how nice it will be to have a summerhouse in the garden. Unfortunately she needs to lay the base for it first and has got it onto her head that is a job she could do. So far progress has involved putting four stakes in the ground at the rough positions of the corners so that she can see how it would look. In a few weeks I am hoping she will progress to putting some string out to get the level the ground needs to be built up to so that it’s level. By September I am expecting the ground levelling to start and just in time for winter the slabs can be laid ready for the summerhouse. It’s always good to have a long term plan! The alternative would be to spend the time finding someone who can come and do it for her and stand half a chance of getting it for this year. I’m sure she’ll come round to my way of thinking sooner or later.

It’s just over a week to the election in our constituency and I have to say we have been underwhelmed by the media attention. Sadly I am having to reach the conclusion that this will not be my hour of glory. I will not have chance to question all the political leaders on which of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party policies they are prepared to adopt. Of course in the case of the Labour Party they don’t actually have a leader at the moment. Either the parties are assuming that the result is a forgone conclusion or they are too busy with other things to care about us. We are just that bit too far from London to matter and there in lies some of our problem. We should matter. Our votes should count for something. At least humour us and make us think they do!