Tuesday 18th May 2010

I hear that the budget is going to be on June 22. I’m guessing it is going to be the sort of budget that doesn’t really feel like it is good news for very many people. I’m not expecting there to be anything in it of benefit to dogs but of course I am willing to be surprised. I thought it was interesting that there was a lot in the news the other day about the new Government ministers taking a five percent pay cut. In reality none of them were ministers before so they haven’t taken a pay cut, they will have taken a smaller pay increase than they could otherwise have done. The ones that are facing the pay cut are the labour Ministers who have left office and the MPs who failed to be elected, but I believe that even they are fairly well provided for.

According to my countdown clock, there are now only thirteen weeks until Megan arrives. In my own way I’m rather looking forward to it, if only because there will be two of us to take on the eccentricities of Shadow. I was talking to Queenie on Sunday about all that is involved in her breeding. It does sound a very complex process for a basic act that should be enjoyable. I was talking to Orson too, he lives with Queenie. He’s a bit fed up that he isn’t going to have the opportunity to be the father. I sympathised. It is very difficult living being surrounded by all these girl puppies and then finding them going abroad to find stud dogs. It’s even worse for him. He has still got all the bits he’d need. Unfortunately his eyes are the wrong match for Queenie and his tail curls, which it isn’t supposed to. He’s still a handsome fellow and I tried to reassure him, but his pride has taken a bit of a bashing so he’s a bit depressed. I lost some sympathy when he peed on my Master’s leg. I know I did it to Guapo’s owner once before, or twice before if I’m being strictly honest, but that doesn’t justify Orson doing it to my Master and after I was being so concerned for him too.