Monday 17th May 2010

What a day it was yesterday. We had a great time with all the other dogs and even won one or two of the games. Shadow won dog wit the waggiest tail and came very close in both the obedience and the agility. I didn’t fair so well in either of those but knock spots off all the other dogs when it came to the catching biscuits game and had great success in the ball and spoon race with my Master. The sausage race didn’t go quite as well this time as to be honest, the sausages my Mistress had bout didn’t taste awfully nice and it wasn’t such a pleasure to wolf them down. By the time we got home Shadow and I were completely flaked out. I barely had enough energy to demand my tea and chase the birds away from the bird table before settling down for a quiet night. I’m paying for it today too. My tummy is a bit uncomfortable from eating so many dog treats and I’m planning a nice quiet day in my basket. I think the most exciting thing we’ve got happening today is the Building Inspector coming to look round our extension. My Mistress asked if we could quickly go round and clean up some of the hair we’ve shed before he arrives, but I don’t think either Shadow or I were keen on that idea.

My Mistress is putting together the next Entlebucher Club newsletter and I am delighted to say she is including a little write up on me in this edition. We are all taking it in turns to be featured and it’s my turn. I’ve been going through my photograph album trying to decide which picture of me she should use. I want one that shows my features off to best effect. I think my left side might be my best.